20 Plus Years of Commitment to Excellence
The Manohar Bal Mandir Samti is a Psychiatric Rehabilitation & Recovery centre that offers an atmosphere of personalized treatment, quality care, support, and holistic wellness to its patrons. The highly trained multidisciplinary psychiatric team take each patient’s case and understand the unique challenges, history, and trauma faced by the individual into account while creating a recovery path. With over two decades of experience in the field, Manohar Bal Mandir Samiti Jagriti Nsha Mukti Kender is one of the pioneers of Mental Health in North India.

We have variety of Services to society since many years

1- Manohar Bal Mandir School

2- Manohar Bal mandir B.Ed. College

3- Manohar Bal mandir Degree College for Girls

4- Manohar Bal mandir Veterinary College

5- We also connected with State and Government with different Social work projects since many year.

We are fully efficiently committed for serve the society.