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A Healthy and Drugs Free Nation Can Make the Strong Nation.

If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs or alcohol, or both, then drug and alcohol rehabilitation services can help. They offer a range of treatments, including counseling, which means you don’t have to do it alone.

What is drug and alcohol rehabilitation?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation helps people improve the way they live their lives by helping them get off or reduce their use of drugs and alcohol.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation services provide treatment and support. These services are sometimes called ‘rehab’ services.

State and territory governments fund most of these services. The   Government of India funds Provide help for cure this problems. Many are run by non-government organizations and charities. We Jagriti Nsha Mukti Kendera managed by Manohar Bal Mandir Samiti by many years.

There are also private drug and alcohol treatment options.

Types of rehabilitation programs

Rehabilitation programs usually take place in community-based treatment centres or residential rehabilitation services.

Residential rehabilitation services allow people to stay in a special clinic for a number of days or weeks.

Treatment approaches for drug and alcohol addiction

If you have a severe problem with drugs or alcohol, you might need hospital treatment. You might also need to do a detoxification program to get rid of drugs and alcohol in your body.

Rehabilitation can involve counseling to help you change your behavior. You might also be prescribed medicine.

If you have a drug or alcohol problem and a mental illness, you will need help with both at the same time.

Rehabilitation might not be successful the first time. Many people need to go through the process more than once. But if it doesn’t work first time, you will have learnt something, and it will make it easier next time.